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Lemons A2 Reusable Stencil Shabby Chic Romantic For Bryony

Lemons A2 Reusable Stencil Shabby Chic Romantic For Bryony

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Lemons pattern

Reusable Thick Art Stencil for Furniture, Walls, Wood, Fabrics, Glass, Art, Canvas and other DIY crafts.

Shabby Chic / Art / Nature inspired stencils are ideal for any crafts.
You can use a variety of tools to apply the paints from sponges, stenciling brushes to airbrush equipment.

Reusable stencils are made from thick 0.5 mm plastic durable sheet. Simply wash it with warm water and use again. Stencils are flexible, strong and if looked after can be reused countless times.

Self adhesive stencils 80 microns with adhesive backing material assures that paint will not seep under the stencil design if you are using liquid paints, spray paints, inks or other mediums. For single usage.

Please take into account that in some designs there are possible extra small elements called 'bridges', which are keeping detailed patterns in one piece.

Please kindly allow us to produce the bigger size patterns for up to 7-8 working days before we post them. Each design is printed for your specific order, so please be patient.