10 great ways of spending time with your children this Halloween, make crafts easily and cheaply!

Are you worried that you kids spend too much time on their phone and playing video games? Are you looking for ways to engage them and spend quality time with them? Read on for great ways to prepare fun, simple and engaging Halloween crafts.

From toddlers to teenagers, you can spend time creatively with them making cool decorations that are going to bring your family lots of fun this year!

  1. Make a cake! A fun way to have delicious sweets for Halloween is to make them yourself!

Simple muffins or sponge cake can be easily turned into a fun scary Halloween cake!

Place the stencil onto the cake and dust powder sugar onto a sponge cake or muffins or use liquid icing sugar for your cake decorations.

  1. Make tinsel garlands!

Simply fold a piece of paper into a harmonica, cut it in 3-4 pieces. Now, stencil in a small design of your choice. Once you are done, join pieces of garland together with a colourful string or a thread.

  1. Decorate Halloween trick or treat containers!

Look for a container that is no longer needed, plastic ones will be easy to place the over and colour in inside for some great Halloween designs!

  1. Paint faces with scary creatures!

What a great fun to start your party with face painting! Place a stencil of your choice on the cheek and by using face paint sponges, paint the stencil design onto the face by carefully tapping the sponge against the skin.

  1. Decorate paper plates!

This is a great and easy way of decorating plates for a party! Place a stencil with Halloween design on top of your paper plate or bowl. Paint it in with a marker and it’s ready to be filled up with sweets!

Alternatively, paint the design on the corner of an A4 sheet of paper and place it in a bowl making sure that the corner with the design is sticking out.

You can also make scones to put sweets in it and give them as giveaways to kids. Simply make a square from an A4 sheet of paper, paint a design on it and roll it up.

  1. Decorate your pumpkin!

It’s great fun to carve pumpkins but you can also pop your design on top of a pumpkin! Simply place a stencil over the pumpkin and colour it in using food safe markers if you are planning on eating up the pumpkin or just a permanent marker if you aren’t planning on eating it.

  1. Decorate your front door!

This is an easy way to prepare a big entrance into your Halloween party for your guests! All you need is a large piece of sturdy cardboard. To hang it on the doors, make two holes in the right and left top corners and put a string through it. This will be your pendant. Now you can either glue white paper on top of it to make the surface white or perhaps leave it brown for an extra effect. Place stencil on top of the cardboard and paint an Halloween design in.

  1. Make Halloween t-shirts!

I’m sure you have some old t-shirts that you can “sacrifice” to make super cool Halloween gear!

All you need is a permanent marker pen or one colour paint for garments. Place the stencil on top of the t-shirt and fill in the design. Let it dry and your spooky t-shirt is ready!

  1. Make a Halloween tablecloth!

Do you want to decorate your table? Start with making a Halloween themed tablecloth! Find a tablecloth able to be “sacrificed” and use different stencil designs to decorate the tablecloth. You can use garments marker pens or paints or permanent markers. This is great fun and it’s the perfect activity to invite your children’s friends to get involved in pre-Halloween fun and help prepare for the party.