Reusable stencils


Decorative  Stencils / Self Adhesive Stencil instructions:


Step 1. Gently  remove  your  stencil  from  the  postal  package  and  if  necessary  leave  it  on  a flat  surface  allowing  some  time  for  the stencil  to  come  back  to  its  original  shape.

Step 2. Use a straight edge or spirit level to draw a few horizontal or vertical markings to position the stencil.


When using repositionable adhesive, spray a fine film to the back of the stencil from adistance of 20 - 30 cm or when using masking tape cut a few short strips and attach them around the stencil to hold it in place. When using Self Adhesive Stencil it is ready to stick straight away.

Step 3. Line up the top and sides of the stencil with the markings you did previously and stick the stencil from top to bottom with special care towards small elements that could be overlooked and not stick properly to the surface or bend or kink.

When using masking tape stick the stencil to the surface and tape it all around.

Step 4. If there are loose  pieces of stencil hanging down use tape to secure them to the surface. Dip a sponge or piece of cloth in paint. Use paper towel to remove the excess of the paint  to  prevent  oozing.  Work with  the sponge  over  the  stencil  gently  pushing  the  paint into the cut out shapes. When it's all done allow a few minutes for the paint to set and gently remove the stencil.

*Please take into account that in some designs there are possible extra small elements called 'bridges', which are keeping detailed patterns in one piece. Use a small, thin paint brush to fill the gaps caused by bridges.

Step 5. When finished just use water and soap or white spirit to clean up the stencil and re-use it again and again.


Our advice: For the best results take your time while securing your stencil and paint carefully, try to use more colours and create your very own design. Stencilling can be fun for everyone! Why not ask children to give you a hand while decorating their bedroom walls.

Stencils can be used for anything from decorating bedroom walls, furniture, glass, wood, fabrics to small items like decoupage pieces.


Have fun, Your Spongie.