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Custom order for Suzanne (see description)

Custom order for Suzanne (see description)

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Swallows high, staying dry Swallows low, wet will blow

Delicious font
Height of capital letters 4cm
Height of lower case 2cm
Length of entire text 46cm

Reusable Thick Art Stencil for Furniture, Walls, Wood, Fabrics, Glass, Art, Canvas and other DIY crafts.

Shabby Chic / Art / Nature inspired stencils are ideal for any crafts.
You can use a variety of tools to apply the paints from sponges, stenciling brushes to airbrush equipment.

Reusable stencils are made from thick 0.5 mm plastic durable sheet. Simply wash it with warm water and use again. Stencils are flexible, strong and if looked after can be reused countless times.